Parking of city and omni buses, and encroachments hinder vehicular movement on roads

Tiruchi Corporation expanded the Central Bus Stand in the heart of the city a few years ago by procuring the adjacent railway land. The project helped in substantially easing congestion inside the bus stand. However, the continuing traffic hold-ups on the roads surrounding the bus stand is a major cause of worry to commuters, traffic police, and transport corporation authorities.

The congestion on these roads is one of the major rallying points for the demand for integrated bus stand.

No one can miss the pathetic traffic conditions on these roads particularly at the entry and exit points.

The frequent bottlenecks witnessed at exit points leads to congestion inside the bus stand. During peak hours, the situation turns from bad to worse.

The buses moving out of the bus stand at the exit near the Thanjavur bus bay confront serious trouble as city buses proceeding to Chathram bus stand via Woraiyur and Thillai Nagar are parked near the exit point.

The city buses in their eagerness to take in more passengers stop at the point, causing anxiety to the drivers of mofussil and long-distance buses coming out of the bus stand. This is despite the presence of a police booth at the very spot.

The city buses should not be allowed to be parked near the exit point. A round-the-clock police vigilance would do a world of good in ensuring free flow of traffic, observes P.Mohan, State president of the Youth and Students Exnora.

The exit point through which the buses proceeding to Salem and Karur too faces a similar problem. Though separate area has been earmarked, the omni buses proceeding to the western districts are parked near this exit point in the late evening hours, blocking the movement of vehicles from inside the bus stand. Besides posting of police man, the parking of omni buses too should be barred, Mr.Mohan says.

Like Ali, a consumer activist, feel that all encroachments should be cleared on the roads leading to the bus stand and the pavements should be reserved for pedestrians .

A similar chaotic condition prevails at both the exit points in the old bus stand in Thanjavur town.

The presence of a police booth here too has not helped in minimising the congestion. Whenever a bus moves out of the bus stand, it leads to traffic snarls on the Gandhiji road and also poses risk to pedestrians. A traffic regulatory system should be put in place, says P.Beryl, an engineering college student.