Express trains will not stop at Kuthalam from September

The Kuthalam chamber of commerce organised a bandh here in the town on Thursday demanding continuance of Kuthalam railway station as a halt station for express trains. Passengers and rail users’ associations have been upset with the notification of the railways which said that the station would no longer be a halt station for express trains from September.

Express trains including Uzhavan Express and Mysore Express stop at the station.

Speaking to The Hindu, Selvam, executive committee member, Kuthalam Chamber of Commerce, said that the railways’ notification would affect the passengers of the taluk.

The announcement, slated to come into effect from July, was later extended to September.


With several renowned sites of pilgrimage in and around the taluk, the station ceasing to be a halt station from September was bound to hit passengers.

The chamber of commerce had organised a bandh demanding stoppage of Chozhan Express.

There was also a demand to extend the platform, as the current platform is not long enough to accommodate all coaches. “Over four carries fall outside the platform, forcing passengers to walk on the gravel to board the train,” Mr.Selvam said.

The stand for bicycles that has been set up already should be open for public use, commuters said. The traders’ body has already petitioned the railways, and has decided to stage a blockade if the notification is not revoked.


On Thursday, all commercial establishments had downed shutters till noon, and only a few small eateries and tea stalls had opened later in the day.

A protest rally was also carried out and a demonstration was held outside the railway station.