The Tamil Nadu Board of Continuing Education (TNBCE), founded by educationist Malcolm S. Adiseshaiah, has welcomed the launch of the National Female Literacy Mission (NFLM) by the Prime Minister.

In a statement in Tiruchi on Thursday, TNBCE secretary Raja Mutthirulandi said that since the days of Malcolm Adiseshaiah, the Board had been the prime partner in carrying out non-formal, adult and continuing education programmes of the Government of India in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. It had also been a very active and strategic partner with the Government of India in its National Literacy Mission (NLM) since 1988.

The TNBCE shared the views of the Prime Minister that female literacy was a force multiplier for all actions for social development and literacy of women was a very critical factor that impeded India’s steady climb to a higher and sustainable level of growth and development. As literacy was the first step in imparting education and the government’s new programme to significantly reduce illiteracy among women would certainly turn to be a right move in enhancing education of women.

Professor Mutthirulandi said the present mission to promote literacy among women with greater emphasis than the NLM was a welcome measure that indicated the Union government’s commitment and importance bestowed on educating women of this great nation.