Petition cotaining demands submitted to DRO at grievances meet

A delegation of Tiruverumbur Taluk Development Committee approached the district administration on Monday to bring to its notice the unfulfilled needs of the block encompassing 30 revenue villages.

According to a representative of the committee, the forum was formed earlier this year as Tiruverumbur block has been left unattended to over three years after its declaration as taluk headquarters.

Tiruverumbur town surrounded by BHEL township, and the townships of Ordnance Factory, Heavy Alloy Penetrator Factory, and hundreds of ancillary industries, besides reputed educational institutions, including National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, and Bharathidasan Institute of Management, requires a taluk hospital, taluk police station, munsif court, magistrate court, fire station, and most of all a taluk office, according to C. Masilamani, committee president.

After it attained the taluk status, the government has sanctioned a sub-registrar office, sub-treasury and a unit office of Regional Transport Office, but the requirements are much more, he said, committing the committee’s support for identifying land required for the purpose. The proposed buildings must be closer to Tiruverumbur town with public convenience in mind, he said.

The delegation submitted a petition containing the demands to District Revenue Officer Thiagarajan at the weekly grievance day meeting at the collectorate. Mr. Thiagarajan instructed the Tiruverumbur tahsildar to act promptly on the petition.