Whenever new trains are introduced or existing trains are extended, the Railway initially operate them on a trial basis. Later, on ascertaining the patronage during the trial period for the new services they make it a permanent feature.

The Tiruchi-Karur passenger trains 879/880 which are operated on all days barring Sundays is now being operated on Sundays of late. As there was a good demand for the passenger train even on Sundays, commuters of both districts besides Karur District Train Travellers’ Welfare Association and other forums made repeated pleas to operate the train on Sundays as well.

Heeding public demand, the divisional railway authorities decided to operate the passenger train on Sundays too. The passenger train has been operating on Sundays as well from last month. The Railways announced that this arrangement will be made a permanent feature after ascertaining the patronage during the trial period of three months that ends in January.

The Karur District Train Travellers’ Welfare Association which played a key role in the introduction of this facility on Sundays too, was quick to create awareness among the travelling public to utilise this service, so that the needed patronage could be proved to the Railways.

The association has displayed banners with the timings of the train and the fare at important points in Tiruchi junction, Tiruchi Fort, Karur railway and Kulithalai Railway stations, besides on the main thoroughfares in Karur town to attract the attention of the public.

The association’s digital banners, while the thanking the Railways for heeding its request, urged the people to use the train service on Sundays too.

“Ever since we launched this campaign, there has been a good response. The train fare from Tiruchi to Karur is only Rs. 12 and we want the people to take advantage of this. We are confident that the Railways will make it a permanent feature once the three months trial period expires in January”, says S. Annadurai, president of the association.