Police have been directed to take all precautionary measures to ensure free and fair polls through enforcing model code of conduct and booking poll violation cases. .

Measures needed to be initiated in the run up to the elections have been sent to the Superintendents of Police in districts and Commissioners of Police in the cities a few days ago by the State police headquarters.

Field-level officers in the rank of Deputy Superintendents of Police and Inspectors have been asked to ensure that there were no untoward incident and any instance of irregularity that could lead to re-polling as this would be considered a black mark against the officers responsible for the respective areas.

Officials have been instructed to carry out checks in licensed explosive shops to detect illegal and suspicious transactions. Stopping illegal transport of explosive substances, especially by two-wheelers, by conducting vehicular checks is yet another preventive measure that has been specified.

While conducting such checks, field-level police personnel have been asked to avoid causing unnecessary harassment to innocent public. Thrust has also been laid on keeping a tab on lodges and marriage halls to thwart misuse of the premises for anti-social activities under the pretext of election work.

Towards this direction, officers have been instructed to check for hoarding of illegal arms, lethal weapons, ammunition, and explosive materials at these places.

Senior police officers in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police have been specifically instructed to visit these places before polls, on the polling day, and on the counting day.

With visits of VIP for poll campaigning expected at regular intervals, law enforcers have been asked to send a team well in advance to look for any possible signs of trouble besides carrying out anti-sabotage checks at the places visited by leaders facing high levels of threat.

Police sources said the instructions from the police headquarters have been circulated to the field-level officers for strict compliance.