A rally to create awareness of the ill-effects of tobacco was organised by Flight B-II, 3(TN) air sqn NCC unit of National College here on Thursday. K. Anbarasu, principal, National College, flagged off the rally from the college campus.

Pointing out the harmful effects of nicotine and other tobacco components, he advised students to say ‘no’ to tobacco. Sergeant Nandakumar read out a pledge against the use of tobacco in any form.

The rally led by R. Sundhararaman, flight commander, proceeded from the college via Aristo hotel, Tiruchi railway junction, head post office, Anamalais, State Bank of India, and Vugnesh hotel, and ended on the college campus.

Around 90 NCC (air wing) cadets participated in the rally. They distributed pamphlets highlighting the ill-effects of tobacco.