The Tiruchi Fire and Rescue Station has been provided with new fire fighting and rescue equipment including a portable medical oxygen system, body bags and protective clothing.

Procured for the first time, the portable medical oxygen system containing medical oxygen is equipped with three refillable cylinders, a pressure regulator for flow control and a mask.

The equipment would be utilised while carrying out rescue and relief operations to help victims having problems in respiration at the crisis spot, say a senior official of the Fire and Rescue Services Department here.

About 30 body bags have been supplied that would be utilised to wrap the bodies inside the kits before removing the corpses from the disaster site.

The protective clothing would be used during fire fighting operation, the official added.

Fire tenders

The station has also been provided with traffic cones (to cordon off accident sites), fire suits, fire extinguishers and a pair of leather gloves. Officials say a new fire tender had been provided to the station replacing the old one.

A new foam tender and a water lorry was expected soon as the old ones had been phased out .

The Tiruchi fire station was the major station in Tiruchi Division which encompasses seven more fire stations situated at Lalgudi, Manapparai, Navalpattu, Thuvarankurichi, Pullampadi, Srirangam and Uppiliapuram.

More fire stations

Proposals for setting up new fire stations at Samayapuram and Gandhi Market in the city have been forwarded to the State government for approval.

The Tiruchi Fire Station received has received 197 fire calls and 70 rescue calls till the end of last month, since January.

Over 350 fire calls were received in Tiruchi Division during the last six months of which majority were ‘small fires'.

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