The office consumes about 16,277 units of electricity a month

The Tiruchirapalli City Corporation has firmed up a proposal to install a roof top solar power system at its main office on the Bharathidasan Salai in the city.

The pilot project is to be executed in line with the State government’s initiative to promote renewable energy sources in government buildings.

The corporation has planned to install a 50 KW peak (kWp) solar power plant to meet more than half the power requirements of its main office in the city. The plant is to be installed at a cost of Rs. 74 lakh. The corporation has allocated Rs. 50 lakh for installing solar power systems in its office in the annual budget for 2014-15.

An additional allocation of Rs. 24 lakh is to be made in the revised estimates for the year.

According to an official resolution that is to be tabled before the Corporation Council for approval, the corporation main office, with its host of centralised computer systems, air conditioners, and lighting, consumes about 16,277 units of electricity incurring an expenditure of Rs. 1.53 lakh a month.

The roof top solar system is expected to generate 300 units of power a day and 9,000 units a month, meeting 55 per cent of the power requirement of the office. This would help the civic body save about Rs. 85,000 a month. The corporation hopes to recover the investment for the plant in seven years.

The civic body has a solar power system at the computerised tax collection centre. The 3-KW solar system generates about 15,000 watts of electricity a day to power the centre.

All the computers, printers, lights, and other equipment at the centre except air conditioners, are powered by solar energy. The system, installed at a cost of Rs. 6.50 lakh, was put up as a demonstration model.