Up by 3.11 per cent over 2009 election

All the six Assembly segments in Tiruchi Lok Sabha constituency have registered a higher voter turnout compared to the 2009 Lok Sabha election.

The constituency has recorded 71.11 per cent polling as per the final figures furnished by the district authorities here on Friday as against 68 per cent in 2009 election.

The total number of voters in the constituency had increased from 10, 66,398 in 2009 to 13, 86,381 in this election. While 7, 24,912 voters cast their votes last time, 9, 85,791 electors have exercised their franchise now, including 71.26 per cent of men and 70.96 per cent of women. Forty of the 83 transgenders in the constituency have also exercised their franchise.

Among the six Assembly constituencies, Gandharvakottai recorded the maximum polling percentage of 78.30. The Assembly segment had topped the polling percentage in the previous Lok Sabha election too. The lowest polling was recorded in Tiruverumbur where only 66.56 per cent of the 2.55 lakh electors had turned up to cast their votes.

Only in Gandharvakottai and Pudukottai segments more women had turned up to vote. In Gandharvakottai 68,692 women (of the total 85,243) and 68,302 men (89,718) had voted. In Pudukottai, 80,400 women (1, 06,986) and 75,664 men (1, 05,534) exercised their franchise. In all the other four Assembly segments, more men had turned up to vote than women.

The following is the polling percentage that was recorded in six Assembly segments in the 2009 Lok Sabha election: Srirangam – 70.90; Tiruchi West – 65.80; Tiruchi East – 67.30; Tiruverumbur – 66.40; Gandharvakottai – 72.70, and Pudukottai – 65.10.