The top brass of the police will have access to complete details and current status of every case booked in each police station falling within the Tiruchi Police Commissionerate limits besides other related information at the click of a mouse through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS).

With cyber infrastructure having been put in place in police stations, Tiruchi Police Commissionerate is all set to “go live” on Thursday when the IT-enabled CCTNS will be formally commissioned.

A mission mode project of the Government of India, the CCTNS aims to automate and network police stations across the country to facilitate sharing of data including that of criminals.

Tiruchi Commissionerate will be the latest to be brought under the scope of the CCTNS in the central region after Ariyalur and Karur districts. All the 18 police stations falling within the limits of Tiruchi Commissionerate will be networked with the State Crime Records Bureau under the CCTNS.

Computer terminals have been provided to the police stations from where information would be sent to the State Data Centre in Chennai for storage and retrieval.

Police constables at the stations have been imparted hands-on training in core application software – the CIPRUS (Common Integrated Police Records Updation System) - developed under the CCTNS.

Grave crime cases booked between 2002 and 2008, and all cases registered between 2009 and 2011 in different police stations coming under Tiruchi Commissionerate could be viewed ready hand at the click of a mouse once the system got commissioned.

Cases booked in 2012 would be fed into the system using the assistance of technical persons associated with the system integrator for the CCTNS.

The current year (2013) cases would begin to be uploaded from Thursday, sources said adding that regular updating would be done for all cases. Computer-generated CSR (Community Service Register) receipts would be issued to complainants approaching police stations.

Profiles and photographs of criminals involved in different cases and their modus operandi could also be viewed under the system.

The top brass will readily know whether cases are in the under investigation stage or pending trial, or in which judgments had been delivered.

The Centre has allotted Rs. 113.24 crore for the implementation of the project in Tamil Nadu to cover 1,482 police stations and offices of 479 higher officers.

Special units are proposed to be covered under the system in the second phase.


Tiruchi district police brought under CCTNSSeptember 7, 2013