A healthy baby contest was organised by the Department of Health and Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) as part of the multimedia exhibition at the Thilakar Thidal here on Thursday. Sixteen children from various parts of the district participated in the contest.

P.Jayarani, district communications officer and Alamelu Mangai, medical officer, Primary Health Centre (PHC), Vallam, acted as Judges. “We assessed the weight, age, health, nutrition, hygiene and immunisation of babies for adjudging the participants ” they said.


Eight-month-old S.Surya of Cooperative Colony, Thanjavur came first, 10-month-old P.Samiksha of Suryanarkoil in Thiruvidaimaruthur taluk stood second and fourteen months old Kabil Ram from Thanjavur was placed third. Twelve months old Yazhini of Thanjavur got the special prize. Immunisation against Tuberculosis, Polio, Dephtheria, Pertusis, Tetanus, and Measles was taken into consideration, Ms. Mangai said. T.Marudha Pillai, Public Relations Officer, Thanjavur gave away the prizes. A rangoli competition for women self help groups on Friday and a dog show on Saturday are also to be held.