A large number of devotees witnessed Karthigai deepam lit on a cauldron made of copper atop Rockfort Sri Thayumanaswamy Temple on Sunday.

Devotees who had taken vantage positions on the Rockfort offered prayers even as one of the temple priests lit the deepam.

The temple bell rang and crackers were burst. Exactly at 6 p.m., the temple priest lit the deepam with devotees chanting the names of Lord Siva and Lord Subramanya.

Preparation for the big-sized wick for the deepam commenced about a week ago.

About 6,000-metre-long cotton cloth was used for the wick, and about 1,000 litres of ‘iluppai’ oil and gingelly oil besides ghee were used for burning the holy lamp which was visible from a radius of about five km around the Rockfort. Later, the idols of Lord Siva, Lord Vinayaka, Lord Subramanya, and Sri Chandikeswarar were taken in a procession through Rockfort Ul Veethi, Chinnakadai street, NSB Road, Nandikovil street, and Keezh Andal street.