Thousands of people offered worship to Rahu Bhagawan, one of the Navagrahas, at the Naganathaswamy Temple in Tirunageswaram near Kumbakonam, the Navagraha kshetra for Rahu, for Rahu Peyarchi on Tuesday.

Rahu bhagawan, the serpent God moved from Makara rasi to Dhanush rasi at 9.04 a.m. on Wednesday. Special abhishekams were performed for the deity at the temple. The temple for Rahu is located in the south west corner of the temple. The deity is in the form of Mangala Raghu with two consorts Nagavalli and Nagakanni. It is said that Raghu bhagawan worshipped Naganathaswamy, the principal deity of the temple and was rid of his curse from a saint. The transit occurs once in one and a half years. The second second phase of the laksharchana will be held from October 29 to November 1, 2009.

Police made elaborate arrangements and the Transport corporation operated special buses to the temple. Prema Periyarkaruppan, wife of Periya Karuppan, Minister for HR and CE, Yasodha Ramalingam, President of Srinivasanallur panchayat, HR and CE officials offered their prayers during the transit.