Postgraduate teachers boycotted evaluation of Plus Two answer sheets and walked out of the evaluation centre in Thanjavur on Friday complaining about the lack of facilities at the centre.

The evaluation being done at Girls Christian Higher Secondary School at Maharnonbuchavadi in Thanjavur from March 27 was disrupted due to the boycott. Six hundred teachers are involved in the evaluation process. The teachers alleged said that space is not adequate for them to sit and value the papers. On Friday, another 250 teachers arrived for valuing Physics and Chemistry papers. But as the teachers felt that space is inadequate and there are no proper toilet and other facilities, they boycotted the evaluation of papers and conducted a gate meeting at the entrance of the school.

The teachers said that normally two centres would function in Thanjavur for evaluation of papers every year. This year evaluation is being done in only one centre.

Following an assurance given by the Chief Education Officer of the district that a separate centre would be set up for valuing Physics and Chemistry papers, the teachers dispersed.