His income during 2012-13 was shown as Rs.17.05 lakh

The AIADMK nominee for the Karur Lok Sabha constituency, M.Thambidurai, filed his nomination papers here on Tuesday. Transport Minister V.Senthil Balaji accompanied him.

The AIADMK Parliamentary Party leader has Rs.13.43-lakh worth movable properties and Rs.2.88-lakh worth immovable properties.

Earlier, Mr.Thambidurai and Mr.Senthil Balaji, garlanded the statues of late Chief Ministers C.N.Annadurai and M.G.Ramachandran before reaching Thanthonrimalai. Mr.Thambidurai filed the papers with S.Jayandhi, Collector and Returning Officer.

As per the sworn affidavit filed by Mr.Thambidurai , he owns immovable property worth Rs.2.88 lakh while his wife Bhanumathy possesses immovable properties worth Rs.2.85 crore and daughter Namrata has such category properties estimated at Rs.1.33 crore.

The movable properties in the possession of Mr. Thambidurai, who had served as Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha and Union Minister, is Rs.13.43 lakh while his doctor-wife Bhanumathy has Rs. 8.27 crore, and daughter Namrata has Rs.62.58-lakh worth movable properties.

During 2012-13, Mr.Thambidurai’s income from all sources was shown as Rs.17.05 lakh, while Dr.Bhanumathy’s income during the same period was Rs.10.49 crore.

Ms.Namrata filed income tax returns showing a net income of Rs.2.02 lakh.

As for his ancestral property, Mr. Thambidurai has stated that they were worth Rs.2.38 lakh. The SUV TATA Safari used by him is his wife’s property and is estimated to cost Rs.12.32 lakh.

While his wife owns gold jewellery weighing 3,040 grams estimated at Rs.80.53 lakh and silver articles weighing 20.60 kilogram estimated at Rs.11.12 lakh.

Daughter Ms.Namrata owns 480 grams of gold jewellery worth Rs.16.21 lakh and diamonds weighing 40 carats with a market value of Rs.30 lakh.