Tension prevailed at the Nagapattinam Government Hospital here on Tuesday, following the death of a woman, who was brought to the GH with minor injuries in an accident on Sunday.

Banu (30), a resident of Prathamaramapuram was hit by a two-wheeler on Sunday and was reported to have been brought to the Nagapattinam GH with minor injuries and bruises below her knees.

According to the relatives, Ms. Banu was in a good condition on Monday.

However, within few hours, Banu was pronounced dead by the hospital.

Alleging foul play, the relatives refused to accept the body and demanded explanation and official intervention.

This had led to a verbal duel between the relatives of the deceased supported by the Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi and the hospital staff.

The commotion that began on Monday night had spilled over on Tuesday, when the hospital staff took exception to the alleged use of abusive language by the VCK cadre and the patient's relatives.

The staff demanded the arrest of persons alleged to have used abusive language, failing which they had stated that they would decide upon their next course of action. The furore continued with the relatives and VCK staging a protest outside the hospital.