Various facilities that will put the scenic Pachamalai hills in Tiruchi and the vast Muthupettai mangrove in Tiruvarur district in the list of important tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu are to be established at a cost of nearly Rs.4.50 crore.

An official release on Tuesday said Chief Minister Jayalalithaa sanctioned Rs.2.30 crore for developing various facilities in Pachamalai, which is spread over about 528 sq km and located at 160-1,072 metres above sea level. Its key attractions included the Periyapakkalam and Korayaru waterfalls. The hills are home to 154 species of birds and 135 varieties of butterflies. There are also three deer habitats with 500 deer.

Tree houses

Tree houses are to be established and an existing guest house is to be renovated as part of the tourism promotion plan for the hills, according to an official release on Tuesday.

Ms. Jayalalithaa sanctioned Rs.2.17 crore for tourism-related works, including purchase of fibre glass boats, for promoting tourism in the Muthupettai estuary.


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