District administration creating awareness through rallies, human chain

As part of the campaign to drive home the importance of voting, the district administration on Monday carried out an awareness programme at BHEL area. Organised on the instruction of the Election Commission, the programme was timed on a day when a large number of people assembled at the monthly shandy at the BHEL area.

The programme was marked by demonstrations to public on the ways to cast votes on electronic voting machines. Collector Jayashree Muralidharan inaugurated the programme by distributing pamphlets containing awareness messages to the public.

The importance of exercising franchise, ethical voting, vote as per your conscience, your vote is not for sale, and desist from taking money were some of the messages disseminated to the gathering. A street play also formed part of the campaign.

District administration officials said awareness programmes were being organised through rallies, human chain, and distribution of leaflets to propagate the importance of voting and ethical voting.