Though Tiruchi has received rainfall in excess of the normal during this monsoon season, the water storage position at the rain-fed tanks in the district have not improved appreciably.

According to sources, out of the 98 tanks under the Ariyar Division in Tiruchi district only five in the Thuraiyur area have filled up. Forty-five of the tanks had less than 50 per cent storage while the others had above 50 per cent storage. Officials, however, expect there would be an increase in inflow in the coming days.

According to the rainfall data posted on the website Indian Meteorological Department, Chennai, Tiruchi had received 242.1 mm of rainfall between October 1 and November 2 against the normal of 181.7 mm for the period. However, Agriculture Department officials are confident that the recent spell of rain would help farmers take up cultivation of thaladi and samba paddy cultivation in the rain-fed areas too.

Meanwhile, many of the system tanks under the control of the River Conservation Division have filled up. In Tiruverambur area, all the 17 tanks have filled up, while in the Pullampadi areas 18 of the 26 tanks had more than 70 per cent storage. The remaining tanks in the Pullampadi region have more than 50 per cent storage, sources said.