The mark sheets of 1,446 SSLC students from eleven schools in Tiruchi educational district were found missing on Tuesday.

Due to the non-receipt of mark statements, these students could not take part in the process of registration with the employment exchange that was carried out at the level of every school. Officials are examining whether the missing bundles were mixed up with the packets meant for other schools.

Expressing hope that the missing mark sheets will be traced, Chief Educational Officer K. Swaminathan said the school education department will prevail upon the Department of Employment and Training to ensure that these students did not lose seniority when they register their qualifications later.

Meanwhile, the process of registration with employment office was carried out in 328 schools in the district. They constituted 182 schools in Tiruchi educational district, 81in Musiri and 65 in Lalgudi.

The Department of Employment and Training had convened a meeting of education department officials and headmasters recently to brief them about the process. The number of students was taken note of and the forms for registration were supplied accordingly to the institutions, the Assistant Director of Employment, Tiruchi Employment Office, N. Muralidharan, said.

At the level of each educational district, the department had despatched teams for receiving the filled-up forms from the schools, he said.