Details under four categories available in front of temple office

Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple authorities have published details of “top 10” defaulters who owe the temple money under four revenue categories. The details of the defaulters have been put up through hoardings in front of the temple office. The outstanding amount is Rs. 43,37,587 from the defaulters. A maximum of Rs. 30,37,012 lakh is due from the agricultural lands owned by the temple from 10 tenants, all located in the villages in and around Anbil. The maximum due is from a tenant at Anbil to whom about five acres of the temple land has been leased out. The other lands are located at Valadi, Jangammarajapuram, and Keezh Anbil. Tenants of building and shops come in the second category of defaulters. Tenants of three buildings owe Rs. 88,296. Manai vadagai (vacant sites) falls in the third category. Arrears to the tune of Rs. 5,19,449 is due from these tenants.

“A low-monthly rent ranging between Rs. 240 and Rs. 668 has been fixed depending on the area. The cumulative arrear from a tenant, whose monthly rent is Rs. 240, stands at Rs. 33,768; and it is Rs. 54,603 from a tenant on 840 sq.feet,” say temple sources. For the fourth category of defaulters, civil disputes have been pending

The revenue has been overdue for a long period forcing the authorities to release the details of their names and the amount due from them. The temple authorities have released details of bidders who are yet to remit the annual auction sum for various services at the temple.

“A sum of Rs. 6,92,830 is due from these bidders,” say the sources. The maximum default among them is the bid for Rs. 1,82,000 for a tonsuring unit at the temple.

“The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Board has advised the temple authorities to release the details of names and overdue from the tenants and bidders,” say the sources. “The initiative has yielded the results and one of the defaulters had remitted the dues shortly after it was displayed,” say the sources. His name and details had since been erased.