Out of 160 in their batch, they identified 59 former students of whom 29 turned up for the meeting at Sangam Hotel.

No age is too old to relive student days! The latest instance of this was the nostalgia that gripped former students of the Boys Higher Secondary School, Srirangam, who passed out in 1960, at a get-together they organised to honour their teachers, now in their eighties and nineties.

Of the 160 students in the batch, S.R. Gopalan, M.G. Kannan and a few others who had settled down in the temple town after retirement from service in top-notch companies and undertakings, assumed the responsibility of establishing contacts with as many batch mates as they could.

Out of 160 in their batch, they identified 59 former students of whom 29 turned up for the meeting at Sangam Hotel.

And 20 of them came along with their spouses. Likewise, 12 out of the 14 old teachers made their presence felt at the meeting. Each teacher was given a memento, a shawl, and a basket of fruits. A group of former students took care of the to-and-fro conveyance of the aged teachers with a huge sense of responsibility.

Child-like enthusiasm surfaced in every participant while sharing their experiences.

The school's prayer song in its original form seeking the blessings of Sri Ranganathaswamy and Sri Akilandeswari, the presiding deities of Srirangam and Thiruvanaikovil temples, to shower knowledge was sung to perfection by C.S. Sampath Kumar, former General Manager, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

Another old student reminded the audience about the songs from Kamba Ramayana with which their Tamil teacher, Desikan, used to start the classes.

In the era where public memory is very short, all displayed their remembrance of roll numbers after a long gap of 50 years.

There was a diverse mix of retired company executives, purohits, former teachers in the old batch of students, making their get-together a memorable one. And they decided to make it an annual feature.

The alumni association has been quite supportive to the school. So far the old students have contributed Rs. 4.75 lakh in cash, 10 computer systems and a generator to their alma mater. For the annual alumni association meeting conducted at the school on Sunday, the members had come from places near and far, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Singapore as well.

In the coming years, the scale of the get-together will grow in all probability. Thanks to their initiative to start a Google group.