Absence of power connection hardly matters for a farm house coming up in Theneerpatti village on the outskirts of the city.

Motors are operated in the walled farm house at regular intervals for construction of buildings and nourishing the vegetation.

And there are lamps atop posts enough to illuminate the premises during night hours; the entire campus spread over about five acres is being powered by solar energy.

Of course, the investment is high, but there are no hassles involved. For, obtaining a power connection from the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is a time-consuming process.

At present, the solar panels installed at an expenditure of a few lakhs of rupees are able to generate power that is sufficient to run a 2 hp motor and illuminate five to six lamps. Additional panels will be installed so as to generate 5 hp, says the farm owner Ramachandran, who intends to raise poultry and livestock in the farm house in an eco-friendly way, with the expertise he had gained in Australia from his ancestors.

There is also an entrepreneurial dimension to the farm house.

Ramachandran has set sights on processing and exporting meat produced at the farm house.