Passengers, who had booked tickets in two reserved sleeper coaches of the Chennai-bound Cholan Express from Tiruchi on Sunday, had to travel in a general second class compartment and a chair car coach.

The two reserved compartments were not attached to the train as they were sent for periodic overhauling. Railway officials here said instead of the S-9 and S-10 reserved coaches, a general second class and a chair car coach were attached to the train.

Passengers, who had booked in these coaches, were re-allotted in the general second class and chair car coach, the officials said adding that the difference in amount could be obtained by writing to the Chief Commercial Manager (Claims). The express train ran with 21 coaches on Sunday morning. On Saturday too, the Chennai-bound train ran without the S-4 and S-5 reserved coaches with passengers being accommodated in other compartments.

The train that usually runs with 21 coaches ran with 19 on Saturday.