A service organisation has allegedly duped 90 women members of self-help groups at Kuzhumani village near here and its director has disappeared after collecting Rs. 1.35 lakh at the rate of Rs. 1,500 from each member of the nine SHGs.

The members of the SHGs could realise the ‘fraudulent’ activities of the director of the service organisation only after two years.

By then it was too late as the director had ‘disappeared’ from the premises of the non-governmental organisation on the Karur Bypass road.

“It was two years ago that one of our neighbours, Lakshmi, had introduced the director of the service organisation to the local women. The director collected Rs. 1,500 from each of us and promised of getting us a loan of Rs. 50,000,” said Kulusan Beebi, who led a group of women to the collectorate to submit a petition against the director seeking refund of their deposit.

The NGO had advised the women to open a savings account and deposit Rs. 100 every month.

Even the periodical meetings and minutes of the meetings had been convened and recorded.

Savings account

She even persuaded us to open savings account at the branches of Karur Vysya Bank at Jeeyapuram and Srirangam.

The director bargained time every now and then when the women members of the SHGs enquired about the loan of Rs. 50,000.

It was in the last week that she had reportedly assured them of some credit linkage under a government-sponsored scheme.

“The director claimed herself to be a staunch follower and member of a national political party,” they said.

Wait for two years

After a prolonged wait for two years, they realised their sorry state of affair and submitted a petition to the Collector.

They said that their efforts would bring to an end any such attempt in future by the NGO.

It would also send a warning to women belonging to the economically weaker sections to exercise caution against such bogus non-governmental organisation, they said.