Seven students of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology – Tiruchi, underwent summer internship in European universities: SUPELEC, IREENA, and Esiee amens in France; and DAAD, Liebniz, and Kaiserslautern in Germany.

P.S. Subramanian’s project at SUPELEC was on ‘control strategies for optimisation of power output from a wind turbine’; Mradul Sharma’s on ‘Scalar control of three phase induction machine’ at Esiee amens, and Krishna Chandran’s on ‘three phase motor control using an fgpa’ at IREENA.

Two students: Poornima Mazumdar and A.B. Ashwin Chandarr took up projects at DAAD on ‘modelling and simulation of thermal performance of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) modules’ and ‘motion control of an all-terrain robot’ respectively.

Likewise, R. Karthik worked on the project ‘method to find the misbehaving nodes in an adhoc network’ at Leibniz, and R. Ramakrishnan on ‘simulation of work bench for MOMAS (modular measurement and automation system for extruders) at Kaiserslautern.

They made presentations on the outcome of their projects during the recent inaugural of the EEE Association (EEEA) activities for the current academic year in the presence of the chief guest J. Leo Ananth, Managing Director eQuadriga Software Pvt. Ltd., Tiruchi, and Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry, Tiruchi Zone; the Institute Director M. Chidambaram, the Department Head S. Arul Daniel.

In his inaugural address, Mr. Leo Ananth made a presentation on ‘Evolution of eQuadriga and entrepreneurship’. Perseverance, dedication, passion, uniqueness, adaptation and people management skills were the attributes required of a successful entrepreneur, he said.

By opting for entrepreneurship, one enjoys many advantages like being his/her own master and coming across opportunities to utilise potential whereby the vision becomes boundless.

Presiding over, Dr. Chidambaram advised students to have an understanding of all aspects related to their subject of study.

Students who have done internship abroad were a source of motivation, he said, suggesting that they consider their quality exposure to the working conditions in foreign universities as a preparatory step to pursue Ph.D. in the same institutions.

The association activities for the year mainly constitute Currents ’09 Symposium, guest lecture series, and Robotics Workshop, the Department Head S. Arul Daniel said.

S. Moorthy, Faculty Advisor, EEEA, introduced the office-bearers.

The Association Chairman P. Badrinarayan presented the agenda for 2009-10.