Y.S.Rajan speaks on ‘science, engineering, industry, markets’

Symbiotic relationship between science and engineering is the reality of modern knowledge society, said Y.S.Rajan, professor, ISRO/Department of Space.

Mr.Rajan delivered the Sir C.V. Raman Memorial Endowment lecture on ‘science, engineering, industry, and markets’ on the occasion of the National Science Day at the National College here on Friday.

“Many new scientific discoveries have been made possible because of the new-age engineering products that have revolutionised observation and measurement. Similarly, many new engineering products are the result of scientific research and discoveries,” he said.

“ Complimentary nature of science and engineering is systemised and understood better by mathematics. That’s why U.S emphasises on STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),” he said. Outlining the development of modern industries and businesses, Mr.Rajan said that one of the sources for the growth of businesses is through innovations ushered into the markets by science, technology, and engineering.

Listing out solutions for the growth of the country, he suggested a massive environmental movement be taken up from local-level cleanliness drive to waste management, protection of lakes and water bodies, right from schools to all levels.

K.Anbarasu, principal, presided.