Panchayat union chairmen, panchayat presidents take part in the first District Planning Committee meeting

Thanks to the sincere cooperation of local bodies, who contributed Rs.9.50 crore wholeheartedly, Tiruchi district did not witness any drinking water scarcity this summer, Collector Jayashree Muralidharan said in Tiruchi on Monday.

At the first meeting of the District Planning Committee (DPC), Ms. Muralidharan said that she was extremely thankful to the chairmen of the panchayat unions and presidents of the panchayats for contributing such a huge amount, which obviated the need for raising funds from other sources.

“There was no water in the Cauvery and the district might have had to suffer water scarcity. Then it was decided to carry out some works to tackle the situation. The works like installing individual power pumps which were started during April-May could be completed by June-July itself,” she was happy to note.

The Collector pointed out that originally the District Planning Committee came under the District Rural Development Agency. “Now it has been brought under the Planning and Development Department. As you are going to implement various schemes, all the members of the committee should come forward to give their suggestions. Though you cannot pass a resolution on a par with the municipal council, you have the advisory role and hence can recommend certain works. You can also review the works being implemented,” she added.

Pointing out that in the three-tier panchayati raj system, this committee, which consists of a number of elected members apart from MLAs and MPs could help place district’s development on a “fast track”, she asserted.

R. Manoharan, MLA, Tiruchi East, said the committee could suggest various works depending on population and traffic.

G. Radha, project officer, District Rural Development Agency, underlined the need for planning for attaining targets. Besides, such a committee could help ensure coordination between the rural and urban local bodies. Similarly, coordination is imperative among departments. That was why the State government has strengthened the District Planning Committee, he added.

T. Rajathi, chairperson of the District Planning Committee, was in the chair. A. Jaya, Mayor, Tiruchi Corporation, and R.Ganesan, project officer, Women Development, took part.

Earlier, the new members were introduced, and a booklet containing the achievements of the district in the past year and a guide for agriculturists were released by the Collector.