Special teams to check spread of fever in dengue-affected districts

A sum of Rs.2.5 crore has been earmarked by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa to control and eliminate dengue in the State in the next two months, Health Minister V.S.Vijay announced at a review meeting on dengue prevention measures in the state here on Monday.

With the onset of monsoons, efforts to bring dengue fever under check would be intensified in dengue-affected areas in the state, Dr.Vijay said addressing senior state health officials, district, municipality, town and panchayat representatives at a consultative meeting.

Acting on the Chief Minister’s orders, special teams have been formed to check spread of fever in dengue-affected districts in Tamil Nadu, including Tiruchi, Madurai, Nagapattinam, Pudukottai, Erode and Vellore.

The special team in each district comprises IAS officers, health services, public health and education department along with members of local administration.

All 355 blocks in the State have designated workers for mosquito control who will work with the local administration to sensitise people to dengue.

Dengue can be cured by treating the fever at primary healthcare centres and government hospitals in the initial stage, Dr.Vijay, said. Provision of chlorinated water, drinking boiled water and consuming nutritious food can help dengue patients recover fast. There was no need to panic as dengue is a viral fever, he said. The Health Minister has asked hospitals not to administer the rapid card test to fever patients as it was not a confirmatory test. Only ELISA tests could confirm dengue, he noted.