Strapping on roller skates, students get prepared for their day's routine at the summer coaching camp in Aurobindo International School, Woraiyur, here.

After getting tips from the coach T. Nagarajan, they put on the head gears and get set for a ride. The camp, organised by the school, has attracted students from various city schools.

“The popularity of roller skating among the youngsters of Tiruchi has soared over the years.

Roller skating is no more learnt just for fun as many youth are willing to take it up as a competitive sport,” Mr. Nagarajan observed.

Most of the participants being beginners they are taught the basics. “Balance holds the key and you get it by practice.

Body agility also plays an important role and the warm up exercises they do before the start of the training session will be of great help,” he said.

Health benefits

Detailing on the health benefits, Mr. Nagarajan said that roller skating was one of the best ways to stay fit. “Skating helps to reduce weight and also improves concentration. It is a good exercise option and keeps youngsters active. They can then specialise in roller hockey, speed, artistic, ring I, and ring II.” “The response for the camp has been really good. We are planning to set up a rink in the school campus,” said D. Rajkumar, Principal.