By serving a dual purpose of being a conduit and a bridge, the newly-built aqueduct at Puthur Weir has provided a vital road link along the Koraiyar and the Uyyakondan rivers. But the poor condition of the road along the Koraiyar banks has left this new road link largely unutilised.

The aqueduct, running for a distance of about 360 metres, has provided the hitherto missing link between the bunds of the Koraiyar and the Uyyakondan rivers.

Though the road along the bunds of the two rivers are essentially meant for inspection vehicles of Public Works Department, a section of the city residents feels that it could be strengthened to provide a proper link road for light vehicles and two wheelers between the Puthur highroad and the Tiruchi-Dindigul highway.

In fact, the new road link is considered a major spinoff benefit from the Rs. 253.71-crore flood control project, executed by the PWD. The River Conservation Division of the Public Works Department has laid a pucca blacktopped road between the Puthur High Road and Puthur Weir.

The teak plantation raised along the river bund presents a scenic picture. The right bank of the Kudamuritti river has been strengthened under the flood control project, thereby making for a motorable connectivity to Vayalur Road from Puthur Weir

But the road along the banks of the Koraiyar, which comes under Ariyar Division of the PWD, remains in a pathetic condition. Huge cracks have developed along this road at a couple of stretches. The single-lane road has also shrunk in size due to wild growth of bushes and erosion of the bund.

The bund was strengthened about three years ago at a cost of Rs. 2 crore when the black-topped road was also laid over the bund.

“If the Koraiyar bunds are strengthened and the road along the river is re-laid residents will have a direct and short access route from the Koraiyar river bridge on the Dindigul highway to the Puthur High Road. This will mean a saving of four to five km for those travelling from Pirattiyur and Dheeran Nagar,” says R. Gopalakrishnan, who commutes to Dheeran Nagar for work.

Residents of Karumandapam have also demanded that the PWD strengthen the bund of the Koraiyar river. “Strengthening the bund is necessary to prevent any breach and flooding of low-lying colonies in the locality,” said C. Balasubramanian, secretary, Karumandapam Exnora Flood Prevention Committee.

Sources in the PWD indicate that the access road to the rear of collector’s office campus from Puthur Weir will be strengthened soon. The district administration is also believed to have asked for a proposal for creating an amusement park near Puthur Weir, and strengthening the road links along the banks would only make for better connectivity.