A water purification plant (reverse osmosis) was commissioned by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited at town panchayat office at Pullambadi on Wednesday evening. The project was commissioned at a cost of Rs. 10 lakh.

The plant would function for 12 hours a day.

Every hour, it would take in 4,000 litres of groundwater to purify, out of which 2,000 litres would be available for consumption and the remaining would be waste and let out of the equipment.

By inserting a one rupee coin, one can collect five litres of drinking water.

“Drinking water scarcity has been a major problem in Tiruchi district. This project was proposed a year ago. Our company has many more plans to help the weaker sections,” said Joesph Samuel, chief regional manager, Tiruchi retail office of Hindustan Petroleum.

N. Jayaprakash, former chairman of Pullambadi panchayat union, spoke.

A tri-party agreement has been signed to ensure the smooth functioning of the plant. While the cost would be borne by Hindustan Petroleum, Pullambadi town panchayat administration would take care of the maintenance, and Card, an NGO, would monitor the functioning.