All residents of Tiruchi city will get ‘Aadhaar card' issued by the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), at the head post office here. The card aims at providing a foolproof identity and even children are eligible for the card.

Jayashree Muralidharan, District Collector, inaugurated the special technical counter at the head post office where the biometric data of residents will be recorded.

The Collector said though different ID cards are being issued by various institutions such as banks and companies, the Aadhaar card would be more authentic as it establishes the correct identity of the person.

The card would also come in handy in estimating the exact number of beneficiaries under a scheme.

She specifically referred to the bogus ration cards which are in circulation despite strict scrutiny and periodical verification.

The card, she said, would eliminate all bogus entries as biometric data such as iris, fingerprints and other details are being accurately recorded.

The Aadhaar number to each cardholder would also be unique, without any duplication.

Referring to the single equipment available at the head post office, the Collector said that since a large number of people would assemble at the head post office to get the cards, additional equipment should be utilised so as to issue the cards to a large number of persons in the city.

The Collector even offered to extend technical assistance from the district rural development agency for expeditious recording of data.

Bahadur Singh, Postmaster General, Central Region, Tamil Nadu, said that the free card would be issued after obtaining residency proof.

A total of 12 biometric data would be collected and the process would involve about ten minutes for each person. The cards would be issued within a couple of weeks after registering the data.

N.Inbalagan, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Tiruchi Division, spoke on the use of the card. R.Raju, Senior Postmaster, spoke.

Earlier, Mr. Singh issued the first Aadhaar card to the Collector.

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