Widen road

Work on the bridge at Crawford, which was started two years ago, is gathering pace now. However, one of the service roads has been dug up. There are two big plastic water tanks kept on the side of this narrow service road and water is filled through lorry. During this time, vehicles have to wait for the water lorry to move. Besides, there is a tea shop near the entry point to the Crawford Colony, in front of which two-wheelers are parked which is a hindrance to free flow of traffic. Action has not been taken to widen the right side service road.

B. Selva,


Make voting compulsory

What is the use of implementing NOTA in electronic voting machine because many voters are not entering booths on polling date. For that, an amendment should be made that every voter should vote. Will the Election Commission take steps in this regard?


T.V. Koil.

Signal not working

The signal system on the bridge connecting Mannarpuram and Railway Junction has not been working for the past one month. Owing to this, the traffic at the bridge is causing great inconvenience to the public. Office-goers are finding it difficult to negotiate this bridge during peak hours. Posting of additional police personnel at the place is highly appreciated during the festival days.

B. Balaji,


Role models at Srirangam RS

Railway officers manning the computerised reservation counter at Srirangam Railway Station are doing an excellent job. They patiently clarify any doubts that passengers have. They are courteous while providing details about train routes, vacancies, berth details, choice of the trains and so on. All the passengers coming there are pleased with their approach. I really appreciate all the employees working at the reservation counter for their remarkable job.

J.D. Sowmya Narayanan,


Dry toilets

The eastern bank of the Kudamurutti river at Santhaa Sheela Nagar close to Vayalur road lacks maintenance. The toilets have no water supply. As a result, people poop on the road. I appeal to the authorities concerned to take early action for proper upkeep of the basic amenity.

V. Sundararaju,

Srinivasanagar South.

One more train to Bangalore

One more train between Tiruchi and Bangalore has been a long-pending demand. Mayiladuthurai-Mysore Express is not sufficient and is always crowded. Passengers sometimes get injured while boarding the train at Tiruchi Fort Station. The introduction of day train between Tiruchi and Bangalore is a welcome move, though it is a temporary measure. I appeal to the railways to make it permanent service.

S. Sudarsan Kumar,



Build bathing ghat for women

I have been a resident of Mangammanagar since 1980s. For the first time, the State government has completed the check dam for the benefit of Srirangam residents. This is expected to recharge borewells with plentiful water on a continuous basis. A bathing ghat has been built. Another bathing ghat should be built for women. I hope the Chief Minister looks into this appeal on behalf of those living in six colonies abutting the river.

T. M. Renganathan,


Choked drain

The drain on the Seshadripuram-Subramaniapuram stretch has become hazardous for the residents. Several representations in this regard have failed to move the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation officials. I called the corporation helpline a number of times on the accumulation of slush over the drinking water pipeline. Action has not been taken on encroachment by owners of several houses in the area by way of construction of concrete pathways above the drainage channel. This is the main reason for accumulation of silt in the drain. It is impossible for the workers to remove silt from under these pathways.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


Chaos on road

There is chaos on the road from the Rajagopuram to the railway bridge near the Srirangam Railway Station.

Road safety rules are not followed at the Rajagopuram entrance. There are two unofficial passages that are just sufficient for an enterprising autorickshaw driver to sneak through. Speed-breakers greet the pilgrims visiting the temple. Stray cattle, beggars, vendors, those seeking donations, and devotees lighting the camphor in front Hanuman or Maniappan shrine make it busy junction. There are no zebra crossings either at the entry towards Renga Nagar or at the intersection of the Devi Street that cuts across the Gandhi Road.

It takes four minutes for pedestrians to see both sides and cross the Gandhi Road. Compare this situation with Singapore where the pedestrian is given preference and any transgression invites heavy penalty. Obviously, comparison is odious.

D. Seshadri,


Allow them

time to study

Private schools that enjoy a good brand value assign heavy homework to children leaving very little time for studying. Hence there should be liaison among the teachers allotting homework keeping in view the time available with the student and the importance of reading which is essential.

K. Srinivasan,


Streamline postal service

The advent of private courier services has ruined the postal service. Letters are not despatched in time and small savings mobilisation has come down and other services are slowed down. Like telegraph, postal services will also be wound up if the trend continues. Inadequate grievance redress mechanism and apathy of officials are serious problems. It is time, the government streamlined the system by ensuring that simple tasks such as timely delivery of letters are completed.

Prof. A. Prabaharan,

Dean, Nehru Memorial College,


Unkempt mutton stalls

Mutton shops in the North Devi Street, Srirangam, are an eyesore. Butchers wash the animals with water and improperly remove the dust from hair and hoof. A battalion of swarming flies in and around and stray dogs waiting for meat presents a pitiable sight. Action should be taken against vendors who abrogate themselves from following hygiene norms prescribed under Food Safety Act. I urge the authorities concerned of the Department of Food Safety and Drug Administration to take action against such mutton shops.

K. Aravind,


Relax Izzat norms

The refers to the latest commercial circular No.62 (TCII/2941/09/Izzat MST ) of 2013 issued by Railway Board regarding the Izzat MST Railway pass. The applicant has first get income certificate, then recommendation from MP/Union Ministers, and then submit it to the Divisional Railway Manager. For people who get a monthly income of less than Rs. 1,5,00, these procedures are difficult to follow and face harassment. A scheme intended to benefit millions of people has gone out of reach to the poor because of red-tapism. Railway Board should consider to relax the condition.

S. Prakash,

Palakkarai Main Road.

Poisonous trees

I am shocked to learn that the district administration is thinking of planting babool trees (karuvelam in Tamil) around water ways to prevent encroachments. This species is one of the 10 poisonous trees identified by World Environment Organisation. They absorb groundwater quickly. If there is no groundwater, they readily absorb moisture from air leaving the atmosphere hot and dry. Babool trees never shelter any birds as they emit more carbon dioxide than oxygen. They make the soil poisonous and suck soil nutrients. Ten countries have banned these trees. The district administration should reconsider its decision.

R. Ganesan,


Incorrect depiction

Sometime ago, there was a report in The Hindu about the roadside fruit shops on Dindugul Road. It was reported that the fruits are comparatively cheaper in these shops. I visited some of these shops a number of times and found that the prices were 20 per cent more than the fruits available in the shopping malls. Traders cheat the consumers by tampering with the weights. Traders give rotten fruits and refuse to listen to the consumer. It is better that you verify the situation before carrying such reports.

R. Jayashree,

Dindigul Road.

Curb crackers on road

Deepavali is round the corner. The apex courts bans on bursting crackers at midnight is flouted with impunity every year. Violators, however, minuscule in number, continue to be daring and violate the law. Bursting of crackers on roads should be strictly subdued. It causes problems to many pedestrians and vehicles. The authorities should keep a tab on sale of chain firecrackers which has more than 1,000 sparklers. Authorities have to come down hard on offenders. This show of affluence by bursting firecrackers can be curbed.

K. Suresh Babu,

Raja Colony.

Build road humps as per IRC norms

This refers to the report on “Traffic calming techniques” published in The Hindu on October 28. Chennai is expanding at a faster rate. But the speed-breakers erected in many places within the corporation limit have not been designed as per the norms of the Indian Road Congress (IRC) and the locations are selected without consulting the people. Vehicle users find it difficult to negotiate these speed-breakers and leading to accidents on many occasions. Authorities concerned should put up speed-breakers as per the IRC norms and provide accident-free ride.

V. Sundararaju,

Srinivasanagar South.

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