Though not heavy, the steady rainfall in and around the city since noon on Thursday brought back memories of slush and water stagnation in low-lying areas.

The rains which brought a dip in temperature evoked mixed feelings. The intermittent drizzles in the morning hours and the continuous rains in the evening caused difficulties for school and office-goers.

At bus stops without shelters, drenched students keenly awaited the arrival of buses. There was a scramble for getting in. The rains were not comforting for the way-side hawkers either.

Nevertheless, the breeze made the weather pleasant since morning, and towards the evening, warm clothing was out of the closets. With darkness setting in earlier, motorists had to exercise extreme care while negotiating slippery roads.

The late onset of the northeast monsoons brought cheer to the farming community. The current spell of rains is expected to be beneficial for the samba crop.

Out of the 22 rain-gauge stations across the district, only the ones in Navalur Kottapattu and Tiruchi Airport recorded rainfall of 3.6 mm and 1.8 mm respectively in the last 24 hours ending 8.00 a.m., according to data furnished by the Disaster and Mitigation Department of the Revenue Administration.