The Golden Rock Railway Workshop here will soon embark on the task of manufacturing longer container wagons of “BLL-A and BLL-B” types for the Container Corporation of India (CONCOR), a Government of India undertaking.

The workshop received an order from the Railway Board in this regard last month to manufacture 600 numbers of “BLL-A and BLL-B” type wagons for the CONCOR.

Though the workshop had been manufacturing and supplying Bogie Low Container (BLC) wagons for the CONCOR for over three years now, this is for the first time that it had bagged an order to manufacture BLL wagons.

Each BLL wagon can accommodate container to a length of 45 feet; while a BLC wagon can accommodate container to a length of 40 feet. Accordingly, the carrying capacity of containers in respect of BLL wagons will be slightly higher as compared to those accommodated in the BLC wagons.

The workshop had dispatched more than 3,000 BLC wagons to the CONCOR over the past few years, officials say. It has received a fresh order from the Railway Board to manufacture 360 stainless wagons with higher load during the current financial year.

The over 75-year-old workshop, which in addition to carrying out periodic overhaul of diesel locomotives and exporting metre gauge engines after carrying out necessary modifications in them, had dispatched over 100 stainless steel wagons during the 2009-10 financial year.