Quality intervention strategies are being put in place to improve academic performance of government school students in IX and X standards, under the aegis of Rastriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhiyan (RMSA), official sources said.

Officials are said to have received instructions from the Directorate of School Education to ensure that the reading ability of students is enhanced through practice in the mornings prior to the start of school hours.

A committee consisting of Chief Educational Officer, District Educational Officers, and other senior officials will divide among the members the task of monitoring 194 high schools across the revenue district consisting of Tiruchi, Musiri, and Lalgudi educational districts.

Tiruchi education district alone accounts for 55 high schools and 33 higher secondary schools.

According to a senior official, students will be taught five words a day, such that they could learn 1,000 new words over 200 working days in an academic year.


The Directorate of School Education is learnt to have encouraged officials to identify performing teachers and form subject-wise resource teams, with a view to motivating the entire teaching community. Three best teachers will be chosen in every educational district and one school in an educational district for the purpose of honouring them with awards every year, sources added.

Officials admit that there are challenges in dealing with students belonging to some schools. For instance, since students of the government school in Karakulam area, where flowers are cultivated, work during night hours, they feel weary during the morning hours.

Nevertheless, officials emphasised that the progress of students could be ensured if parents make it a point to keep in touch with teachers. In schools in and around Puthanatham, the trend of parents monitoring the progress of their wards was quite heartening, sources added.