With over a week left for Vinayaka Chathurthi, Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation and women self-help groups have displayed Vinayaka idols at Poompuhar showroom and Poomaalai Valagam. Similarly, artisans from Rajasthan have placed idols of Vinayaka for sale on the Pudukottai road near Rohini hospital.

Ram from Rajasthan with his wife and three sons have produced nearly 100 Vinayaka idols and have put them for sale near the hut they live on roadside. Vinayaka idols on Moonjur Vahana with different postures are on display. “I use water colours for painting idols, which are made of special clay,” Ram explained while giving final touches to an idol. Vinyaka with his trunk in various postures, and Vinayaka sitting on rat, peacock and royal diwan are the attractions. “The price varies depending upon the size of the idols. The cost of the idols ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 6,000,” he said.“We had been moving from one state to another for many years. Now, we are settled in Thanjavur. After Vinayaka Chathruthi, we will prepare idols for Navarathiri,” he said.