Despite having been promised to spruce up tourist places in Karur and Tiruchi districts, the scenic Ponnaniyaru Dam nestled between the two districts has been wallowing in neglect. The much-hyped plan to do up the spot at a cost of Rs. 50 lakh is gathering dust.

Ahead of last year’s Deepavali, Karur Collector S. Jayandhi visited the reservoir along with officials from the Public Works Department Ariyaru Division and asked them to prepare a plan to beautify the spot. The officials promptly produced a draft that included provisions for creating tourist attractions in the dam site and the nearby park.

The proposal, forwarded to the Department of Tourism, is gathering dust.

Despite a few lakh rupees having been spent on the dam in two bouts over the past decade, nothing really moved, as the reservoir wears the same haunted look.

The proposal aimed at carrying out improvements include fencing around the park and installation of gates at a cost of Rs. 2.5 lakh, laying pavements inside the park for Rs. 2 lakh, installing statues, and seating arrangements inside the park at a cost of Rs. 4.75 lakh, provision for drinking water supply at a cost of Rs. 5 lakh, putting up toys and ornamental finishing works in the park at a cost of Rs. 2 lakh, establishing decorative lights and a fountain at a cost of Rs. 5 lakh each, developing a lawn at Rs. 6 lakh, and putting up ornamental trees costing Rs. 1 lakh.