An exclusive “police public relation committee” had been constituted in South Sandaipettai, a slum area in the town on Thursday, with a view to bringing about a sense of confidence about the welfare of the residents.

Scores of huts are located in the area and people belonging to a particular community reside here, eking out their livelihood through sanitation-related works.

“Public nuisance through petty quarrels and family duels has been the major problem in the area as most sanitary workers consume alcohol daily. It is too difficult to tackle the situation though mere police action and hence the police administration decided to set up the police-public relations committee,” says M. Ramamurthy, Inspector of Police, Pudukottai Town Station.

E.S. Uma, Superintendent of Police, urged the police to win the trust and confidence of the people.

A meeting with the residents was held earlier in which the residents participated in good strength. The residents took a pledge that they would desist from consuming alcohol. Mr. Ramamurthy advised the residents to send their wards to schools.

The residents pleaded for adequate health and hygienic care for their family members. They wanted adequate garbage bins to be placed in their streets. “Although we clean the town, we do not have any bin to dump our domestic garbage,” he said.

When the residents pointed out that a few persons from other colonies trespassed in to their residential area and created some nuisance, Mr. Ramamurthy advised them to keep a vigil against them. He asked them to contact the highway patrol unit and the emergency police service for immediate assistance.