100 CISF personnel posted in Tiruchi, Perambalur and Chidambaram constituencies

With poll results of the Lok Sabha elections having been announced, the para-military personnel deployed for security duty at the counting centres in the central region are set to leave for their respective base on Monday.

Upon completion of elections, personnel of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) were deployed at the counting centres in Tiruchi, Perambalur, and Ariyalur districts.

In the multiple-layer security measures put in place at the counting centres, the paramilitary personnel were posted in the inner periphery to exclusively guard the strong rooms where the electronic voting machines were kept.

Over 100 CISF personnel alone were deployed at the counting centres for Tiruchi, Perambalur, and Chidambaram (reserved) parliamentary constituencies for over three weeks after the election was over.

The counting centre for the Chidambaram (reserved) constituency was at Thathanur in Ariyalur district.

Over 40 CISF personnel were deployed in the counting centre for the Perambalur parliamentary constituency while the number of paramilitary personnel deployed at the counting centres for Tiruchi and Chidambaram constituencies were 40 and 31 respectively.

The CISF personnel at Perambalur would return to their base in Jharkhand from Tiruchi on Monday, the police sources said.

One CISF platoon at Ariyalur would leave for Bokaro Steel city while another group of 40 paramilitary personnel would leave for Ranchi on Monday, the sources added.

The paramilitary personnel were posted on the instruction of the Election Commission ahead of the elections, on the day of polling and at the counting centres post poll.

In addition to paramilitary personnel, the local police and those from the Tamil Nadu Special Police were also deployed.

After the counting of votes, the electronic voting machines used for the Tiruchi Parliamentary constituency have been despatched to the old Collectorate here, the sources added.