A total of 7, 16,880 free textbooks meant for government and government-aided schools in Tiruchi district have arrived in the city.

Of these, 6, 56,680 are Tamil-medium books and 59,900 are English-medium textbooks for students of classes 6 to 12, said K.Selvakumar, Chief Educational Officer.

The books are supplied as per the Tamil Nadu government’s free textbook scheme and will be distributed to the students when the schools reopen in the new academic year. There are a total of 2,11,394 students studying in the government and government-aided schools in the district as per 2013-14 data. Of the 304 government and aided schools in the revenue district, as per the data for 2014-15, there are 163 in Tiruchi educational district, 56 in Lalgudi educational district, and 85 in Musiri educational district. The textbooks will be moved to all these schools over the next few days. The schools would then distribute these books to students on the first day of the new academic year.

Most of the textbooks, except for a very few, have arrived. age is only for class XI, for which quite a few textbooks are yet to arrive.

Officials say that the most of the books have arrived on time and there have not been too many delays so far. A report on pending textbooks has been submitted to the Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation and the remaining textbooks are expected to arrive over the next week.