Permission for organising the 'jallikattu' should be obtained at least one month ahead of the scheduled date. The organisers should also ensure that the norms stipulated by the Supreme Court are strictly adhered to, said A. Suganthi, District Collector.

Addressing officials of police and revenue departments here, the Collector said that the participants should register their names with the Revenue department authorities two days before the date of the 'jallikattu'.

The organisers should submit the details such as the number of bulls and the places from where they are brought, to the Revenue officials at least a week before the ritual. Steps such as administering any tranquillising ingredients or causing any hurt or torture to the bulls should be avoided.

On the arrangement for the fences, the Collector said that double-layered fence should be set up all around

the 'jallikattu' zone, ensuring safety for the spectators. The organisers would be permitted to deposit their money, only after due verification of the arrangement for the fences by the police and Public Works Department officials, she said.

The 'jallikattu' would be permitted only after the organisers deposited the money to be paid as compensation to the injured or the bereaved families. The deposit would be refunded only after the Revenue Divisional Officer confirmed the smooth conduct of the ritual. Separate uniform clothes should be used for those

taming the bulls and those bringing the bulls for clinical examination. On no account, white colour should be part of the uniform dress.

The Collector said that the organisers would be held responsible for any loss to the property if any, caused during the course of 'jallikattu'. The district administration had notified in the district gazette the norms and also the places where the 'jallikattu' should be held.