Nominations for Lok Sabha elections can be filed from March 29 to April 5 (except March 30 and 31), said N.Subbaiyan, District Collector, here on Thursday.

Speaking at a meeting of all party representatives here to explain them the model code of conduct, Mr.Subbaiyan said that nominations can be filed from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Candidates can use three cars and bring five persons for filing nomination. General category candidates have to deposit Rs.50, 000 while for SC/ST candidates, the deposit is Rs.12, 500.

Candidates should submit 2A form, form 26 (pledge) duly filled in to the returning officer at the time of filing nomination. Candidates should have completed 25 years of age and should be Indian citizen. Their name should be filled as it is found in voters’ list. If their name is in the voters’ list in any other constituency they should bring proof for that.

They should open a separate bank account for their election account and should not spend more than Rs.70 lakh, the maximum amount prescribed by the Election Commission of India. They should submit the election expenses account within thirty days of declaration of results .

A toll free number 1800-425-7036 and cell no: 9443486537 has been set up at the election control room for lodging poll-related complaints. Alternately, complaints can be mailed to id: thanjavur2014complaints@g