The free darshan queue commences at Vikraman Tiruchutru

Visitors and devotees at the Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy temple will hereafter experience a hassle-free darshan, courtesy a new queue system put in place.

The new system divides the devotees into three distinct groups.

Separate queues are formed for the free darshan, Rs. 50 and Rs. 250 counters. Hoardings have been displayed prominently to the left of the “dwajasathambam” and these hoardings guide the devotees to select the queue of their choice.

The new system has come in handy for not only regulating the queues but also provides adequate ventilation to the devotees particularly those who have to wait for long hours during free darshan.

The queue for devotees opting for free darshan commences at Vikraman Tiruchutru and passes through Thondaiman Medu before entering the Rajamahendran Tiruchutru. A parallel pathway is provided for devotees with Rs. 50 ticket. Both queues merge before entering the Rajamahendran Tiruchitru.

Those opting for special darshan through Rs. 250 ticket can have the darshan of Lord Ranganatha with less waiting time.

Till now, all the three queues assembled at the “prakaram” around the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ranganatha, causing inconvenience to both the devotees and the temple authorities in regulating the queues.

Although iron gates and make-shift barricades have been set up at the Vikraman Tiruchutru, only a nylon rope separates the devotees at the entrance spot near the ‘dwajasthambam’.

The temple is noted for various ceremonies round the year and the processional idol of Namperumal is taken to different places (mandapam) during these rituals.

“We conducted a study with experts and National Institute of Technology - Tiruchi,” say the temple authorities. The new queue system was introduced based on the recommendations of the experts.