Women should never compromise on their dignity, strive to have a separate identity, and never allow the feeling to get into their mind that they were weak, speakers at a zonal meeting of the All India Women’s Conference (AIWC) said here on Friday.

Imparting value-based education would go a long way in enabling women to gain confidence and tackle challenges more courageously, they said at the meeting organised by the Khajamalai Ladies Association (KLA).

In her presidential address, Bina Jain, president, AIWC, New Delhi, said the changing values in society were to be blamed for the growing atrocities on women. Noting that women were suppressed within the family structure and outside, Ms. Jain said women should never compromise on their dignity.

Education played an important part to live with dignity, she said and added that it helped women stand on their own feet and gave them the confidence to face challenges.

Ever since its inception in 1927, the AIWC had been working for the empowerment and welfare of women and the girl child.

Towards this direction, the organisation had been conducting skill-based income generating and capacity building programmes and programmes to inculcate in them the spirit of reliance and consciousness about their strengths to take their own decisions, Ms. Jain said. The AIWC had plans to take up rural empowerment in a big way, she added.

S. Rajeswari, Superintendent of Police, Tiruchi, said women were physically and mentally strong and smart. Women were extremely talented and they should realise and make use of their innate skills and strength to excel in life, Ms. Rajeswari said. K. Meena, the former Vice-Chancellor, Bharathidasan University, said value-based education for women would greatly help them in gaining confidence.

Opportunities were abound in today’s world and women should try to build their entrepreneurial skills to be economically independent, she added. Sheela Kakde, AIWC secretary general and KLA managing trustee Fathima Mannan were present.