Renovation works at children’s amusement park nearing completion

Children and families visiting Mukkombu (Upper Anicut) can look forward to better amenities at the popular picnic spot situated about 15 km from the city.

The public parks at the entrance of the picnic spot are being given a facelift and work on the renovation of the children’s amusement park is nearing completion. “Finishing touches are being given now and the park will be ready in another 10 days,” a Public Works Department official said.

The barrage across the Cauvery River attracts a large number of picnickers, especially on weekends and holidays. The parks adjoining the barrage are favourite hangouts for children and youth. However, they have been languishing without proper amenities and poor maintenance.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa had sanctioned Rs.3.10 crore last year for developing tourist amenities at the spot and the Public Works Department has redesigned the children’s park.

Sources in the department said the project includes 17 components. The toy train, which has been lying in disuse for several years, is to be reintroduced. The track for the train has been re-laid with new sleepers and rails. Theboat ride will also be reintroduced in the artificial pond in the park. The pond has been cleared of silt and deepened for the purpose.

The park has been landscaped with decorative fountains and lighting. An artificial waterfall with slides has also been built. Water for the falls would be pumped from the river and treated before being let back into the river.

Two additional toilet blocks and two overhead water tanks, each with a capacity of 30,000 litres, have been built to provide adequate water supply to the park.

However, even before the park has been officially thrown open to the public, a few swings meant to be used by children were broken and the decorative sculptures were defaced by vandals. PWD authorities said that they are now being repaired and emphasised the need for visitors to use the amenities properly.

The department also plans to appoint watch and ward staff to keep tabs on unscrupulous visitors.

The project also entails opening a couple of additional bathing ghats for men and women separately on the right bank of the Cauvery river, with adequate safety measures. The park on the opposite side of the children’s park is also being renovated now.

Official sources indicated that the refurbished park is likely to be declared open by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa during her visit to Srirangam expected later this month.