“Kavuthi Malai iron ore mining project will affect livelihood of people and biodiversity”

Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam took out a motorcycle rally on Thursday through villages opposing Kavuthi Malai iron ore mining project.

It started from Mathur and proceeded through Mankuttai, Kannakkurukkai, Kolappadi, Paliyapattu, Punalkadu, Vengaya Velur and Inam Kariyandhal. Protestors said that the Central Empowered Committee of Supreme Court denied licence to the project in 2008 following people’s protest. Now, those behind the project have come forward to establish it on 23 hectares of Reserve Forest land instead of 325 hectares sought previously. But, this was not acceptable because miners working on the hill would fully exploit it.

L. Alagesan, district joint secretary of the association, asserted that people would not allow even a fistful of soil to be mined as the project would affect people living in the vicinity in a bad manner and also destroy several trees, affect wildlife, herbs and birds. It would affect biodiversity, environment and livelihood of people, he said.