Fixing of meters under the scheme for replacement of pump sets for agriculture connections was meant only for accounting the energy savings achieved, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has clarified.

The TNEB has appealed to farmers to extend their cooperation in the implementation of the scheme for replacement of existing pump sets for agricultural service connections with energy efficient ones.

In a press release, K.Venkataraman, Superintending Engineer, TNEB, Metro, requested farmers to make use of the scheme and hand over the existing pump set in service, on erection of the energy efficient ones to the Energy Saving Company (ESCO), the agency to be nominated for implementing the scheme.

Farmers were also requested to allow ESCO to fix energy meters for accounting the energy saved.

Fixing of meters was for the sole purpose of accounting for the energy savings only and not for billing, the release clarified.

Farmers were also required to keep the new pump sets in operation for a period of five years until the completion for the study period, he said and appealed to the farmers to participate in the scheme wholeheartedly and help reduce the energy demand.